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What Makes Us Unique

Highland Park is one of the 40 continuation schools in the Los Angeles Unifies School District. About 90% of the students come from 3 main feeder schools: Franklin, Eagle Rock, and Sotomayor High Schools. We enroll approximately 90 students from diverse ethnic and economic backgrounds.

Highland Park offers a personalized learning environment for at-promise students and others referred by their home school of residence. Our school is on a continuous enrollment calendar which allows students to enroll at any time during the year,   accommodating students from single track  as well as multi track schools. The philosophy of the continuation school is based on the belief that individuals need variable amounts of time to learn fixed educational standards. Highland Park High School offers a unique instructional program tailored to students who enroll throughout the year and who arrive with wide gaps in learning as well as credit deficiencies. Whether students are referred by the A-G counselor or dean or self refer, they are all welcome at Highland Park. 


*We have an RSP teacher on campus part time.