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Ms. Narvaez - Design Based Learning Project

Assignment for Thursday and Friday, October 12-13th, 2017


Warm up Activity:

10 Tips for beginning filmmakers



Ms. Munguia

Mr. Upshaw

Mr. Lew

At Promise Youth

Dr. Victor Rios: "Help for kids the education system ignores"


Define students by what they contribute, not what they lack -- especially those with difficult upbringings, says educator Victor Rios. Interweaved with his personal tale of perseverance as an inner-city youth, Rios identifies three straightforward strategies to shift attitudes in education and calls for fellow educators to see "at-risk" students as "at-promise" individuals brimming with resilience, character and grit.


At promise youth have: Grit, Character, and Resilience.  How can I use these characteristics in the classroom?


Three strategies:

1. Growth Mindset

2. Cultural Relevancy

3. Resources 


At Promise Youth: "From 'at-risk' to 'at-promise': supporting teens to overcome adversity"

Please look at statistics at minute 5


Narvaez's take

  • Affirmative action:  Equality vs Equity
  • Provide the straps to boots who do not have them.

Image result for equity vs equality