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Mr.Copley, Arts Integration Specialist, Local District Central - LAUSD

Passado Action Theatre presents
Interactive Crime Scene Investigation (ICSI)


In an effort to collaborate with members of LAUSD who are interested in promoting both an increased understanding of basic science principles and wish to encourage access to the performing arts for all students, Passado Action Theatre developed Interactive Crime Scene Investigation program (PAT-ICSI), which combines an exciting forensic science curriculum with professional performance theatre.

The PAT-ICSI program is designed with the California CORE curriculum and the guiding principles of STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math) in mind. Forensic studies (known colloquially as CSI, or Crime Scene Investigation) is a popular subject in entertainment and a growing interest for college-bound students. By combining several areas of forensic investigation with math, science, and the arts, we have created a hands-on learning experience that promotes several areas of science and engineering practice as put forward by the NGSS standards, including critical thinking and scientific inquiry, planning and carrying out investigations, analyzing and interpreting data, and engaging in argument from evidence. Adding the dramatic component of professional actors to provide interactive characters for each unit allows for the integration of the arts into an engaging science curriculum, and creates a real-world environment for the practical application of communication skills outlined in the speaking and listening components of the CORE standards.
Forensic science instruction in the PAT-ICSI program is based on the FBI training units provided by the Forensic Science Program at Michigan State University. Professional development for teachers will be provided with detailed instruction for the development and delivery of the forensic science curriculum involved while professional actors will work directly with students in the classroom.
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