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Financial Aid Information:

FAFSA - Federal Financial aid





  When you speak, I listen...

When I speak You listen !

Be respectful at all time !

Take responsibility for your actions !

Don't harm your circle !

Become a role model !

Para Los Ninos Youth Workforce Services

To apply go to this link


Para Los Niños Youth Workforce Services provides seamless, integrated and comprehensive academic, workforce and post-secondary education preparation and training, including paid and unpaid work experience, basic skills training, computer literacy, mentoring, career counseling, job placement, case management, assistance to in meeting graduation and admission requirements, as well  as applying for financial aid and scholarships.


YWS also offers linkage to after-school tutoring, art workshops, music workshops, leadership building events, college visits, SAT preparation classes, peer and adult mentoring, and field trips — services provided by our center and partner agency programs or local businesses.

Voter Education Survey

Summer Employment!!!!

Every year, the City and County of Los Angeles offer summer youth work programs to students who live in the City and County of Los Angeles.  Once again, the Los Angeles Unified School District will be a major partner in providing paid work experience opportunities to youth who qualify.  This year, youth (ages 14 to 24) who are interested in working this summer, may have a chance to gain employment.


The youth eligibility for all of the summer work programs is as follows:

  1. Be 14 - 24 years old
  2. Live in the City Los Angeles or within County of Los Angeles
  3. Fall under at least one (1) of the following criteria:
    1. Live in a low income household
    2. Receive CalWorks/TANF public assistance
    3. Categorized as a foster youth
    4. Categorized as homeless
  4. Must have the right to work in the U.S.

HireLA Youth online application 



Spoken Word

Friends Spoken 


Get Lit: Changing the World, One Word at a Time




Inspirational Speeches

American History: The Greatest Speeches (1933-2008):


Informative Speech: "The Causes of Homelessness"


Victor Rios TED Talk


Workshop Survey

Parkland Student Speeches

Parkland Student Speeches

Video 1:

Video 2:

Community Circle Activity - Perception Video

What to wear at a job interview

What to wear


What not to wear


Video What to wear vs no to wear

girls #1

girls #2

boys #3

boys #4


Exit Ticket Survey

Who do I want to be by June 2018?

Room 2 Workshop for week of January 8th - 12th:  Who do I want to be? 

End of the Year - Presentation Reflections

Financial Literacy

Road Trip Nation

Road Trip Nation PBS Show


Road Trip Nation Activity Instructions #1 and #2

Inspirational Videos

Interviewing Questions

Mock Interview QuestionsMock Interview Questions.docx

College and Career Readiness Assignments

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

8:00-8:47am Sexual Harrassment at school


                     Sexual Harrassment at the workplace


Wednesday, October 11, 2017

8:00-8:47am Lead India and Top 10 Work Values  

Workshop Room 1: Naviance: Brag Sheet and What can I do in my spare time?

Workshop Room 2:

Job Application

Student Assignment:  Fill out a job application 


Job Outlooks and Employment

Student Research:


  1. Direct students to the Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor and Statistics website at:

  2. Select the “Occupational Outlook Handbook” on the left side of the page.

  3. Select “Tomorrow’s Jobs” on the right side of the page.

  4. Review chart with students and analyze how population trends affect employment opportunities in a number of ways.

  5. Analyze Chart 2 and 3 and discuss how population determines the size and composition of the labor force (age and race).

  6. Review Chart 4 discussing the shift from goods producing to service-providing employment.

  7. Review chart 5 discussing projected growth of goods-producing industries.

  8. Guide students in the interpretation of all charts so that they may analyze independently

Student Assignment:

1. How projected job growth varies among major occupational groups (Chart 6)?

2. Among all occupations in the economy, what industry will grow the fastest, slowest over the projection period (Chart 7)?

3. What occupations will have the largest numerical increases (Chart 8)?

4. What 20 occupations will have the largest numerical decrease?


Homework:  Look at Dress for Success videos.  Begin to collect wardrobe for Mock Interview on November 1st. 



Workshop Room 4: Schoology

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Earthquake Preparedness 


Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Dr. Rios' Speech "Help for kids the education system ignores"


My Experience with Injustice



Wednesday, September 19, 2017

10 Steps for Success - Oprah Winfrey


Wednesday, September 13, 2018

How to Create a Vision Board


Please submit by email  Action Plan to your 5th period teacher.

PBL Assignments

Reflection forms for Project Silver Lining

How to View the 2017 Solar Eclipse Safely

Press this link to learn how you can view the Solar Eclipse Safely


Action Plan

Please submit by email  Action Plan to your 5th period teacher.

Who am I? Who do I want to be? How do I get there?

Weekly Points - Expectation

Expectations for your Weekly Academic Performance


  1. 5 points for each class by Friday
  2. If you do not receive at least 5 points for each class please allocate time at home or stay after school to finish your work.
  3. Daily Attendance is crucial.  If absent or tardy, you will be conferenced 
  4. Turn in assignments daily
  5. Check your progress with your teacher once a week
  6. Edgenuity students must be work actively at least 50 minutes daily.  Idle time is not counted towards % of course completion
  7. Ask your teachers questions daily if needed to clarify assignment



Project Silver Lining - Film workshop

Film making Workshop:  1st day worksheet (HW ?s due Fri. 8/18/17)


Films Introduced:

Documentary:  Yoga Saves

Autobiography: Ms. Narvaez's Sparks video

Commentary:  Prince Ea

Inspirational videos: Law of Attraction

Primary Accounts of Current Events:   Candlelight vigil for Charlottesville #1 , Candlelight vigil for Charlottesville #2  and HBO's Vice New's Tonight "Race and Terror" 



Mindfulness - Meditation

Javier Guzman - Big Picture Learning - David Lynch foundation Gala

Student Locker
6/19/18 1:10 PM
6/19/18 1:10 PM
6/19/18 1:10 PM


Free Online Tutoring

Did you know that you can get free homework help from a live, online tutor? All you need is a County of Los Angeles library card.


Khan Academy - free tutorials!