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Mock Interview questions

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What to wear?

Summer Employment

Unpaid Internships and Training Programs

Unpaid Internships

Sign up with Ms. Narvaez for unpaid Summer Internships.



Training Programs

Media & Communications training via GLOBAL GIRL MEDIA, an international advocacy group recently recognized at the Golden Globes Awards.


Work Permit

  • Must be in good attendance and academic standing
  • If you need a work permit see Ms. Mendoza in the Main Office

Work Experience

  • Students can receive 5-10 credits per semester if enrolled in the Work Experience Class.
  • Student must be enrolled in the Work Experience Class to receive credit
  • Job Opportunities are posted below or in the Student Information Bulletin Board
  1. L.A. County Foster Youth Employment Opportunities
  2. Chipotle
  3. Hedley and Bennett
  4. Universal Reprographics
  5. UPS
  6. Youth Job Fair at ELAC



Mock Interviews - May 13
Mock Interviews - May 13

Left to right: Ms. Irene Narvaez, Sharon Murphy, Ana Aceves, Piper Kamins, Derek Joslin, Milinda Martin,  Jorge Orozco, Alexandra Mathews

Ana Aceves, Derek Joslin, Alexandra Mathews,  Milinda Martin, Sharon Murphy, Jorge Orozco :)

Your time and commitment was invaluable.  Thank you for taking the time during your working hours and vacation time to volunteer for Highland Park's first Mock Interviews.  The impact you had on my students is priceless.  Students came out of your interview uplifted, fearless, and ready for a real interview.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts <3

To the Creative Artists Agency, Dancer Resource Center, Para Los Niños, Sempra Utilities, TW Cable: 


We would like to extend our deepest gratitude for allowing your employee to participate in our Mock Interviews.  Thank you for demonstrating your commitment to improve the quality of education for our youth.  It is this type of partnership that leaves a footprint in students' lives that will be an everlasting and profound experience.